About Us

We partnered with OpenSRS (a division of Tucows.com Co.) back in 2002. Our goal at the time was to offer affordable domain names that the registrant could manage themself. Since then, our domain service has become more sophisticated with the addition of managed DNS, private domain registration, DNSSEC support, and just the general ease in which you can register and manage your domains.

Unlike other registrars, we only offer domain name services. That's it. We do not offer web hosting or hosted email services. Domain registration and DNS management are our forté.

Domain names, web hosting, and hosted email are three different services that should be handled separately. Best practices dictate that you separate the three under the "No single point of failure" discipline. You should never have the three "under one roof."

With more than 13 million domains under management, OpenSRS is one of the world's largest registrars. What does this mean to our customers? It means we have access to world-class infrastructure. Our customers benefit by getting the best of both worlds - the personal care of a small company, and the security and reliability of a large one.